Friday, February 4, 2011

Motivated by "Loves to Laugh"

Nothing like a good ole kick in the bottom to get the year going.  Not sure what happened in January but I feel like I slept half all of it away.  It was cold and I just couldn't shake December.

Well...back to the land of the living in February....woo hoo.

My BFF has started a new blog and it looks so fresh that it motivated me to kick it up I guess.  AND I finally got the ole sewing machine out and made sweet Ella a Valentine's Day shirt.  Here it is.  Got the shirts on clearance at Target.  Always go through the clearance racks to try to find kids shirts cheap.  Let me know if you run across any.  These were PERFECT for Valentines day....but they didn't have many. 

Check out Sue's page....she is so fun  - so blessed the Lord made us besties way way back when!


  1. I can't wait for Valentine's Day so that Miss Ella can model her new shirt! Thank you for making it for her :) love you!