Thursday, September 2, 2010

Waiting on Earl!

Well - tonight I sit waiting for Earl.  Who I pray is not coming.  Earl is a Cat 4 Hurricane that is closing in on the NC coast near Hatteras.  Praying he stays out to sea and leaves that beautiful island alone. 

Haven't sewn much this week.  I'm entering a craft show in early November with my mom.  It will be at Benn's Church in Smithfield on November 6th.  I have to get to work on that  Tonight I'm just sitting here trying to get my blog page like I want.  I think I'll sew tomorrow....if Earl doesn't come....and we still have power. Took a few days off this week to spend with my Bethany before she goes to school next week....High School that is!  So....I have 4 more days off and I'm excited.  Maybe I'll have a new picture to post of something fun I've made by the end of the weekend.  Lots of idea's in my head so we'll see if they come to life or not.  Be safe everyone!