Saturday, February 5, 2011

For Brad.....

Brad - this one is for you....cause for some reason Blogs get on your nerves.


Today me, Ash, Bethany, Pop Pop and Dylan went to the outlets (Brad had to work.  Tried to get Kyle to go with us but he said no thanks.  I told him that once he got married...his wife was going to like us...and to shop - then he would have to go).

Wanted to go to the outlets because...I wanted a new purse and Coach emailed me and told me they would give me 30% off if I would just come visit....but only through tomorrow....and everyone knows that I go to church on Sunday, then sleep.  So off to Williamsburg we the pouring rain. Why does it always rain when I go to the outlets...reminded me of Thanksgiving night of 2009.  Rain, sleet, thunder, lightning, shuttle bus, all nighter, Ashley & Red Bull...and lots of laughing.  Anyway - I had to sell all of these.......

To get one of these......

Visited a few other stores.  Of course Bethany ended up with new boots and a few other things.  Then we finished the day with lunch at Pierce's BBQ.  Yummmm!  We had a nice time.  Dylan liked Pierces and he loves to dip fries in ketchup!

Any day with my family is a good day!!!


  1. Hey, so did you sell all those purses???? Very Nice if you did! I love your Coach purse!

  2. Yep sold them! Vera sells very nice on Ebay. :) What ya got that I can sell?