Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A busy week for things Sew Cute....

I'm not sure how some of my "blogger" friends say something everyday.  I just can't get to it that often. I wish I could because I really do not like to go visit other pages and see that they haven't had anything new to say for 3 weeks.....come on....really you can come up with something (I'm talking to myself of course).  I have been busy though.  Thought I would share a few things that I had made lately.

This is a picture of a hodge podge of things that I am making in partnership with my friend Karen Smith.  She makes these really really neat coupon binders that look like a purse/tote bag when you are carrying it - but opens up like a binder in the store with all your coupons.  It is a really cute neat idea.  I am personalizing the binders for people that want that extra "cuteness".  I also make little wristlet bags to coordinate so people can just take that in the store with their store cards, ID, money, etc.  It's fun to go grocery shopping and see people with our binders and bags.  Makes me grin with pride.  :)  If you are interested in one - let me know and I'll get you in touch with Karen.

I also have made a couple of shirts for some friends that are going to Cooperstown this summer with their son's baseball team. I have a very very soft spot in my heart for baseball players and for Cooperstown.  My son is now 21 but when he was 12 we went to Cooperstown with his team which included my best friends Sue's family.  We have so so many happy memories of that week.  Things that we still laugh uncontrollably about.  Our three girls were so much fun that week and of course contributed to those memories. 

I have more....but I have to go to maybe later.  Thanks for stopping by  and I would love it if you recommend me to your friends.  I get all excited when I see new followers. 

                                                                        Be Blessed,

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