Friday, May 13, 2011

Disney, here they come.....

This has been a busy week preparing for a friends trip to Disney.  I knew I would be up until the last night getting everything done...and I was right.  Dropped everything off at her door at 10:00 PM.  So excited for them.  Had planned on making the dress, then the pillow cases, then sweet Audrey said, "Mrs. Janet, do you think you could make my American Girl doll a dress just like mine?"  Of course I was tickled to say yes.  I hope they have a wonderful family vacation with many many memories made.  Will share a picture of Audrey & her baby when they return. 

Here is a picture of her dresses and the pillowcases for mom, dad, Josh & Audrey.  The crossbody bag is for Sheri for her phone & passes in the parks.

Wish I was going!!  :)


  1. Such great ideas! You are so talented and Little Audrey will always have such fond memories of her babydoll and her looking alike! Maybe your site/business name should be "SEW-Such Sweet Memories 4 YOU!!!"...kinda like that! LOL!

  2. Jane has worn her dress every day! She is showing it off in our window sill to everyone who walks by! Audrey wore her dress multiple times. The bag was beyond perfect - I never left the room without it. And the pillowcases were a big hit!