Monday, August 22, 2011

Items in stock and for sale....

Good day!  Just wanted to post a few things that Sew Cute has in stock and ready to go.  Please message us if you have any questions and for pricing if not listed. 

Generally, the Binder Purses are $29.95, plus an additional $5.00 for the binder if needed.  If they have a letter, add $6.00.  If they have a "special" letter, they are $10.00 extra.  The wristlets are $10.00 with no initial and $12.00 with an initial (has a zipper and a back pocket).  The Coupon binders have inside pockets and are a wonderful organization system to take to the grocery store with you.  So much easier.  Binder's can be  used for other things too - would be great for teachers, students, you name it!  These are ready to go today however we would love to make you a custom one also. 

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                                                                             ~ Karen


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