Thursday, July 28, 2011

The most wonderful week of the year.....

Recovering from vacation this week and haven't been able to muster up a lot of energy to be productive.  Each summer for one week in July I get to spend a week with some of my favorite people.  This year was different because we had one, two, THREE grand babies in the mix.  So much fun to have little one's around. Us five families have been going to the beach together for 19 years.  Hard to believe that our kids are almost all grown.  Here they are with the exception of Jake and Laura.  They are a great group of kids and I love them all!!! There is at least one "bun in the oven" but maybe more???  We are already in the process of making new arrangements next year because we have outgrown the cottage we normally visit.  What a blessing!

Worked on a few projects before I went away and working on some new things this week.  Made my Dylan and new beach towel to match the one's I made Ella and Clara a while back.  Also made pillowcases for my sisterfriends.  Something I started a few years back and wanted them to have new "fishy" pillows this year. And tennis towels for a friend's tennis team.

Read an interesting book on vacation, Dave Ramsey's Complete Money Makeover.  Wish I had read this about 20 years ago and would recommend it to anyone.  Made hubby read it too and he agrees that we need to follow his guidance.  If you have read it and followed it's principals, I would love to hear about it. 

Can't believe August begins in a few days and that in two weeks I'll be taking my son 3 1/2 hours away and leaving him at college.  Oh I'm sure you'll be hearing about that in the coming days.

Working on something new this week and I'm excited about it.  Will be certain to post a picture soon.  Also some coupon binders, beach towels and pillowcases.

Have a great rest of July!


  1. I read his Total Money Makeover book. It changed our life. It is what inspired my blog actually. We have been in debt for 7 of the 8 years we have been together. So when I found this book My husband and I decided it was time to change the way we dealt with our money! That combined with the coupon class and now I am a certified crazy person when it comes to spending retail on things! lol. I am very serious about our finances. I hope to some day figure them out 100%. Dave has a facebook page and also another group called The Great Recovery. You should check it out on facebook.

  2. Thank you so much for your comments and your inspiration. It sure does change how you think, doesn't it? Best of luck to you in your quest to be debt free too. :)